Trailing Arm | URC Trailing Arms | by: RuffStuff

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  • Trailing Arm | URC Trailing Arms | by: RuffStuff (R1982 )
  • Trailing Arm | URC Trailing Arms | by: RuffStuff (R1982 )
  • Trailing Arm | URC Trailing Arms | by: RuffStuff (R1982 )
  • Trailing Arm | URC Trailing Arms | by: RuffStuff (R1982 )
  • Trailing Arm | URC Trailing Arms | by: RuffStuff (R1982 )
  • Trailing Arm | URC Trailing Arms | by: RuffStuff (R1982 )



Trailing Arm | URC Trailing Arms | by: RuffStuff

These RuffStuff Ultimate Rock Crawling Trailing Arms--heavy duty trailing arms specifically designed for the rocks!

They have been tested and tortured in Ultra4 racing's 4400 class so you know they can handle anything you throw at them!

They've been designed the RuffStuff way of STRENGTH, QUALITY, VALUE 

  • Narrow-profile, easily customized, and tough as nails!

  • Easy weld-it-yourself kit for the competent welder or completely welded and ready to install.

  • 48” eye-to-eye measurement

  • 2" x .25" wall DOM main tube

  • 1/4" thick 1-piece main plate bent 3 times for maximum strength, minimal welding and warpage, and easy assembly

  • Shocks mount BELOW the line between the bushing and heim (Unlike some competitors!)

    • Prevents the trailing arm from trying to rotate when the shocks push down on it because the shocks "hang" below the center line.
    • Arms could be customized to use heims and uniballs instead of bushings (even without wobble stops.)
    • Extended bushing life because the bushings and shocks are pushing to keep the arm straight together rather than the shocks fighting the bushings and trying to rotate the arm.
    • Will not cause bent shock shafts should a bushing wear out or fail.
    • Dual drain slots allow for easy cleaning and helps extend life of shock eyelet bearings.
    • Second hole can be used as a strong and simple limiting strap mount if bypasses aren’t used.
    • 3" wide polyurethane bushings at the frame side and our famous 1-1/4" heim joints on the axle side.
    • 1/2” shock bolt holes set for 1.5” misalignment width.
    • Each arm weighs in at ~40lbs welded.
    • Due to tolerances in the tube and plate bending, slight grinding may be necessary for perfect fitment of components

Click HERE to download the assembly instructions for welding

Kit Includes:

(2) Pre-bent pieces of 2" x .25" Wall DOM

(2) 1/4" main plates

(2) 1/4” shock valleys

(4) 1/4" overlay plates

(2) Bushing sets with 9/16" bolt sleeves

(2) 1 1/4" tube adapters

(2) 1 1/4" rod ends (optional)

(2) 1 1/4" jam nuts (optional)

(4) Stainless steel misalignment spacers (optional)


  • Welded: Yes or NO

  • Degree (For Welded Kits ONLY): 0*, 5*, 10*

  • Include Heims, Spacers & Jam Nuts: Yes or No (-82.00)

  • Misalignment Hole Size: 9/16, 5/8, 3/4

LIFETIME WARRANTY! (when welded by RuffStuff Specialties) All competitive racing applications INCLUDED!!

Please allow 5-7 days for shipping if you choose for us to weld them.


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Warranty Information

Manufacture Lifetime warranty on breakage if RuffStuff welded the trailing arms. They are that strong.
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