Freeway Flyer IRS Transaxle, 12 Volt Housing 200mm Flywheel

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  • Freeway Flyer IRS Transaxle


  • Freeway Flyer IRS Transaxle
  • 12 Volt Housing
  • 200mm Flywheel

Each unit features:
◾Thoroughly cleaned and inspected outer cases
◾New synchronizer rings, tapered roller and needle bearings
◾Higher Gear Ratio of 3:88 compared to 4:12 or 4:37 Stock
◾Stock Gear Ratio leaves you with 3500 RPM @ 65mph, with a Freeway Flyer Transaxle with 3:88 Gear Ratio you can run at 75mph at the same 3500 RPM
◾Increased Freeway Speeds
◾Replaced or remachined shifting forks, gear assemblies, gear carrier bushings and hub assemblies
◾1st through 4th gear sliders get remachined to OEM specs.
◾Clutch release cross-shaft, spring retainers and bushings inspected and replaced if necessary
◾All new gaskets and oil seals
◾After assembly, the transaxle is tested for leaks and easy shifting.
◾12 Month 12,000 Mile Warranty


  • Ghia (1967 - 1968)
  • Off Road (None - None)
  • Standard Beetle (1967 - 1968)
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